Fam. Goudvisch

Do you know that? A family where you always feel at home? Where the fridge is filled with the best drinks and where you'll get served the best food? A place that welcomes everyone at any moment of the day.

You definitely know that, because that is Fam. Goudvisch! Moos, Bonnie, Arie, and De Neef van Fred are all part of this famous hospitality family in Amsterdam, where the ode to the 'brown pubs' is central. Exactly like in a family, at every café there are similarities and differences. Each has its own identity, and every family member has their own favorites. Every member has the 'family wine' and the signature menu items, but watching Ajax is something you do at ARIE, you will eat the best chicken at Bonnie, and at De Neef van Fred you will have the best terrace of Amsterdam.

One thing is for sure: Every place feels like coming home. Welcome to the family!

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